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Additional Services

Tile Repair

Want to remove the tiles in a space to make way for a new project? Stone & Tile Works By Manny is an expert in the installation and the removal of tiles. Tiles are great at protecting a floor, wall, or backsplash but when installed properly they are made to last. Because of this removing tiles can be quite difficult. Besides the tile itself, there is also and undercoating which must be removed before any new work can begin, which can take a fair amount of sanding, chiseling, and grinding.
We have all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to prepare the space as quickly as possible. Our staff is experienced in all forms of tile removal and we can give you an accurate estimate of the price and the time it will take to complete. Don’t settle for anything but the best – call Stone & Tile Works By Manny to assist you with your Baton Rouge projects today!